The Big Savings of DIY

Today we live in an age where the term DIY is this illusory term that we think is only applied to home goods or simple projects to improve the decor of your living space. But at the heart of DIY is simply that you “do it yourself” meaning that you are empowered to execute tasks through your own industriousness and energy without hiring an outside party to do so. Today this is a very foreign concept that one roll up their selves and get to the nitty gritty of a project, but here are a few ways you may have never though of going DIY that are going to save you huge bucks in the long term. Its all about finding the right product for you.

1. That Clogged Drain is No Match for the Empowered DIYer

Clogged drains are gross and a headache and are going to cost you anywhere from $100 to $200 to clear if you are going to get a plumber to come out and take care of it. That is why depending on the quality of your plumbing it is smart to invest in a good old plumber and toilet and drain auger. These are not difficult to operate and when you clear a pesky clog you will be very satisfied with yourself and empowered to take on more plumbing tasks for yourself in the future.

2. do your own Mani-Pedi

This one seems like something we would never consider doing ourselves, but who knows your own hands better than yourself. When you consider that a basic mani will run you about 20 bucks or 32 for a gel manicure, you are going to see the savings fast when you start to pampering your own nails. Not to mention the savings in gas and time to get to and from the shop. When you consider that an $8 dollar bottle of nail polish is good for about 40 two coat manicures, you are going to make up a lot of money.


3. Bye Bye Tree Stump, Hello Savings

If you think about that annoying tree stump sitting in your yard it is no doubt a headache to think about looking at it everyday. Its even more annoying to consider paying the $500 dollars you are likely to spend removing it. But getting rid of it is going to improve your yards appearance like nothing else. So whats a girl to do ? The solution DIY.

What you want to do is cut off as much of the stump as possible with a chainsaw, and then you will drill holes in the flat surface about 12 inches deep, three or four inches away from the outside edge. Next you wanna drill horizontal holes through the side, parallel to the ground, that connect with the vertical holes. From here you’re going to pour potassium nitrate stump removal granules, which you can get for about $10 bucks. In about 6 weeks the stump will be spongy and soft, from there you will experience another form of savings when you lay into that bad boy and bash it out of the earth.

Let us not forget the biggy we do everyday, which is switch from a machine dryer to a laundry line.