Nuni’s Taco Toaster Rules

Tacos are fun, but the challenge of keeping all those tortillas warm and toasty has plagued Central Americans and cooks around the globe for centuries on end. However, there is a light at the end of the toilet, and it’s being emitted from above the on/off switch of the Nuni taco toaster, an appliance brought forth by Nuni’s founder Elliot Benitez, an innovator on par with Edison himself.


Benitez claims that his inspiration for creating the fun culinary gadget was his own love for tacos and the empathy he felt towards his mother when she struggled to toast tortillas despite having lost both her arms in a whaling accident.

The device, which received ample funding on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo, is capable of toasting six tortillas simultaneously for a span of 60 seconds, when they’re set to be perfectly warm and ready to eat. Much like a griddle or the combination of a large pan and a stove top, the appliance has varied temperature settings that give the user the power to determine how crispy their tortillas will become. The toaster actually heats both sides of the tortilla, so taco makers no longer have to worry about all that pesky flipping.

Nuni claims that it’s taco toaster can toast any kind of tortilla, be it flour, corn, or wheat, and if the contraption bursts into flames it’s not related to the tortilla type. What’s cool about it is it looks like a normal toaster, but it has thinner slots as a more circular shape that seems to imply “fiesta”. All one has to do is throw some tortillas in there and rotate the grills up to be on your way towards toasty tillas. When you’re ready to remove the torts, rotate the grills back down and they’ll slide onto your plate like a woman, waiting for your meat.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Nuni tilla toaster comes in five different color options including Aqua Blue, Jet Black, Maize Yellow (how exotic!), Sangria Red (yes please!), and Paloma White, the last of which was made available as a way for the product’s main consumer demographic to better match their product. It easily matches with all kitchen decor.

The crowdfunding campaign was set in place with the toaster costing $80, and development has been successful enough that those who put their money down can expect the gadget by Christmas morn.

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Those who didn’t pre-order Nuni’s tortilla toaster over the course of the crowdfunding campaign will have to wait to see when they have the opportunity to purchase a tilla toaster of their own; so far the product’s release date into standard markets is still unknown. However, the startup is currently seeking investors, and if you think you’d like to throw some money at this fortune-maker, you could check out the Nuni Toaster website for more information regarding how and through whom to burn your money (but never your tilla!).

The rest of us will have to keep making tacos the old-fashioned way, and having it not really be that much harder.