Big News in Appliance Retail

Anyone familiar with the world of appliance retail has heard the name Jed Kerplutsky. Kerplutsky wrote or co-wrote about just about every instruction manual handed out to every new appliance retail employee at just about every major appliance supplier in Northern America. Even before he became an administrator and an educator, Kerplutsky was seen as […]

Nuni’s Taco Toaster Rules

Tacos are fun, but the challenge of keeping all those tortillas warm and toasty has plagued Central Americans and cooks around the globe for centuries on end. However, there is a light at the end of the toilet, and it’s being emitted from above the on/off switch of the Nuni taco toaster, an appliance brought […]

Love Your Kitchen Appliances? Thank Edison

While we may live in an age where new products and technology are constantly being churned out, it’s important to distinguish between new iterations of basically the same technology and enormous leaps forward in engineering. Thomas Edison was a champion of the latter type of innovation and was such a creative and intuitive inventor that […]

The Big Savings of DIY

Today we live in an age where the term DIY is this illusory term that we think is only applied to home goods or simple projects to improve the decor of your living space. But at the heart of DIY is simply that you “do it yourself” meaning that you are empowered to execute tasks […]

How to Find Your Dream Oven

New ovens with all the latest features aren’t just for gourmet chefs; anyone can appreciate a finely crafted appliance, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t opt into the best oven you can get if you have the resources and the space. They’re not exactly crazy new inventions, but ovens have an important impact on your […]

Household Antennas

You may not be aware of it, but antennas are integral to the normal functioning of many of your most cherished appliances; from your cell phone to your garage door to your television, antennas make it possible to make changes in your home environment, even from miles away. As the internet of things ramps up, […]