Appliance Maintenance and Repair – A Guide

Appliances are built for performing routine jobs and to make everyday life easy.  The fact is that they also pose risks if they are not properly maintained and cared for.  Regular maintenance is really necessary to extend the life of the appliance and to keep it running efficiently.  Of course, there are FOX Appliance Repair professionals who can do repairs and maintenance for a fee – as a homeowner, here is what you can do to take care of your investments.


Caring for Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances like dishwashers, garbage disposals and refrigerators, cooking ranges, microwaves, ovens and blenders are used quite regularly.  Maintaining these regularly will make a huge difference.  Cleaning up immediately after use and spills will help to keep them functioning efficiently.  Here’s how you can check for problems.

  • One important thing to keep in mind with gas appliances is that the flame should always be blue. Call a professional if the color looks different.
  • If a cooking range or oven is powered by gas and stops working, check to see if the pilot light has gone out. Check the instruction manual and re-light the lamp.
  • Wait till you have a full load of dishes before starting the dishwasher. This helps to save money on water and electric bills. Each wash cycle shortens the life of the appliance.
  • Make sure to defrost the freezer regularly when the frost build-up is ¼ inch in thickness.


Caring for Laundry Appliances

Washing machines have made life much simpler for everyone.  Dryers are useful as well and a fixture in most American households.  Taking care of these well makes a difference in their performance and efficiency.

  • Check the water intake and outflow hoses on your washing machines regularly. If they are made of rubber and older, replace them with newer metal hoses available at any hardware store.
  • Ensure that you keep the laundry load even in top load washing machines so that the motor doesn’t burn out. One indicator that loads are not evenly distributed is that machines rattle while they wash.
  • Using lower temperature setting during the wash and rinse cycle will help to keep your clothes clean and lower energy bills.
  • As far as dryers go, clean out the lint filter regularly and also vacuum the hose to prevent fires. Get vents cleaned once a year to avoid hazardous situations.

Other important maintenance tips

Often, caring for your appliances goes beyond the unit itself.  Here’s what to do:

  • Make sure that the electrical outlet is in good shape.
  • Don’t operate large appliances using extension cords. If you don’t have a choice, then make sure that the cord is plugged in securely and can handle the load.
  • Check appliance cords and outlets regularly to ensure they are not frayed.
  • With gas appliances, make sure to check that the pilot light is burning, the color is blue and there are no odors in the vicinity.
  • Call a professional to help you with it.