7 Crazy Inventions for High Tech Homes

It seems that as gadgets become a larger and larger part of our daily lives, we only become more addicted and more excited to see what the next big thing will be. We all know tech aficionados that take new inventions a little overboard, and here’s exactly what they would drool over:

transparent-tvThe Transparent TV

By combining the latest of liquid crystal display (LCD) and transparent organic light-emitting device (TOLED) display technology, Michael Friebe has created a visually stunning and unarguably futuristic take on the modern television. This see-through monitor can generate non-transparent images with rich color reproduction and a full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.

RIMA-lamp-0 The RIMA Lamp

Stylish and unique, this sleek model designed by Matthias Pinkhert has a processor that allows you to control the heat, intensity, angle and color of the light beam by toggling four controller rings stationed on the device’s main tube.

Eclipse-1The Sony Eclipse

Cleverly named for its rightful place window blocking out the sun, the Sony Eclipse comes equipped with a suction cup that allows you to fasten it to whatever window gets the most light; there it can recharge fueled solely off solar energy. The only catch: this new-age invention depends pretty heavily on the reliability of the old-school suction cup.

Door-Handle-with-Self-Steralization-SystemThe Self-sterilizing Door Handle

This handy handle maintains a UV glow when not being used; the light actively kills any germs with which it comes into contact and sterilizes the handle.

Electrolux-FireplaceThe Electrolux Fireplace

This conversation piece designed by Camillo Vanacore is an example of one of those inventions that actually seems like magic; what appears to be a ceramic column transforms into a transparent fireplace at the push of a button.

eco-cleaner-without-using-regular-dishThe Eco Cleaner

Truly an amazing feat of technology, this tubular dish rack uses ultrasonic waves to ionize food particles on dirty dishes, effectively removing any unwanted residue from dishware without the use of water or detergent. The remaining food waste is then reusable as compost for plants.


This shocking device generates light so long as you fuel it with water; the water combines with a hydroelectric battery to generate an electrochemical reaction that lights it up. It might not be the best invention for desert-dwellers, but snow-campers and people living by large bodies of water might find this an interesting concept.